September 2020

2020 presidential election - debate one recap

72nd Emmy Awards to be held on Sunday, 9/20

75th UN General Assembly continues with remarks from President Trump and several other heads of state

Amazon announces Prime Day 2020

Amazon announces biometric payment technology

Amazon announces first investments from Climate Pledge Fund

August existing home sales reach highest point since 2006

Belarus protests continue

CA Gov. Newsom signs an executive order on zero-emission vehicles

CDC updates coronavirus testing guidelines

CIA announces launch of "Labs" initiative

Citi announces $1B "Action for Racial Equity" program

Commerce Department announces ban on TikTok and WeChat downloads (starting Sunday)

Commerce Department delays TikTok download ban; Walmart and Oracle announce tentative deal

DOJ Names NYC, Portland, Seattle as "jurisdictions permitting violence"

DOJ proposes draft legislation that would limit liability protections for technology platforms

Disney announces 28k layoffs due to coronavirus outbreak

Emmy awards 2020; Schitt's Creek becomes first show to win every comedy award

Federal authorities arrest woman suspected of mailing ricin letter to White House

First presidential debate - 2020 election

GE announces plans to stop building new coal-fired power plants

Glass fire causes 70k evacuations, 3 deaths in Napa

Global coronavirus deaths surpass 1M

Google announces plans to run on carbon-free energy by 2030

Grand jury indicts officer involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor with “wanton endangerment”

House Oversight Committee chair requests investigation into alleged medical neglect at ICE detention center

House Transportation Committee releases final report on 737 max

Houses passes short-term spending bill

Israel begins second nationwide coronavirus-driven lockdown

Israel officially forms diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

JPMorgan agrees to record $920M settlement with CFTC

Japanese parliament selects new prime minister

Johnson & Johnson enters Phase 3 coronavirus vaccine trials

Judge issues injunction to block certain USPS changes

Judge temporarily blocks US ban on TikTok downloads

Kuwait leader dies at 91

Louisville agrees to $12M settlement with family of Breonna Taylor

Louisville mayor declares state of emergency in preparation for potential "civil unrest"

Microsoft acquires ZeniMax for $7.5B

Microsoft releases results from underwater data center test

Moderna releases coronavirus vaccine trial roadmap

Mortality for children under 5 drops 12% in 2019

NBA finals and MLB playoffs set to begin this week

NJ lawmakers agree to "Millionaire's Tax"

NYC Schools delay reopening for second time

NYT publishes report on President Trump's taxes and finances

Nikola founder resigns as executive chairman

Palantir, Asana begin trading via direct listings

President Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to join the Supreme Court

Problem Solvers Caucus proposes new coronavirus relief package

Republican-led Senate committees publish initial report on Hunter Biden / Burisma investigation

Researchers publish evidence supporting presence of liquid water on Mars

Saudi Arabia announces arrest of 10 individuals linked to terror cell

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away

Tampa Bay Lightning win Stanley Cup playoffs

Tesla announces cheaper batteries and plans for a $25k electric vehicle

Tesla to hold "Battery Day" event

Titans, Vikings postpone in-person activities due to coronavirus infections

UK judge rules that Uber is "fit and proper" to operate in London

UN General Assembly continues with remarks from President Trump and several other heads of state

US issues new sanctions related to Iran weapons program

US surpasses 200k coronavirus deaths

Union representing NYC school principals calls for De Blasio to cede control over school system

Violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan escalates

Volkswagen unveils new electric crossover vehicle

WHO announces 64 new COVAX members

Weekly jobless claims remain above pre-coronavirus levels

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