Our mission is to overcome sensationalism in media by making straightforward, factual news easy to consume.


We're working to shift a news narrative that currently begins with sensationalism to one that starts with a common set of facts.

Today news often starts with opinion or second order conclusions, rather than leading with the underlying facts themselves.

Furthermore, readers are quite literally bombarded with information. From click-bait push notifications to ever-changing news feeds, it's an impossible task for a normal (busy) person to process it all.

We aim to bring clarity to this noisy environment, by distilling the day's top news down to a concise, fact-first daily briefing and delivering it as quickly and conveniently as possible to readers.


The New Paper currently publishes a daily email and a daily text. Both news updates aim to:

  1. Curate the day's most impactful news. We prioritize stories based on impact in their respective spheres (i.e., how much a given story affects politics, the economy, business, etc.). This process eliminates low-impact "sensational" news and elevates high-impact news that might often go missed.
  2. State each story factually. That means leading with the event that happened (not an opinion or second order conclusion).
  3. Provide easy access to more context either by stating important information in our news snippets directly or by linking to a helpful (and curated) reference / primary source.

Future products will always serve our mission of overcoming sensationalism in media by making straightforward, factual news easy to consume.


The New Paper is a values-driven, passionate team dedicated to providing clarity in a noisy news media landscape. The company was founded in 2018 by John Necef and Michael Aft. We're employee-owned and editorially independent.


Email editors@thenewpaper.co to contact the team. We love hearing from our readers and others passionate about our mission.