WORLD | November 2020

Tens of thousands of protestors gather in France

UK announces further bans on Huawei equipment

Iranian nuclear scientist killed

Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona dies at the age of 60

Globally reported coronavirus cases surpass 60M

Ethiopian PM announces "final phase" of military operation

India announces ban on 43 Chinese apps

China successfully launches robotic spacecraft to collect lunar samples

G20 leaders' summit to be held this weekend

UK announces plan to end sale of new gas powered cars by 2030

US announces new set of sanctions on Iran

Democratic Republic of Congo announces end of 11th ebola outbreak

Ethiopian conflict continues in Tigray region

Jeff Bezos announces Earth Fund recipients

Hurricane Iota makes landfall in Central America

Japan and Australia agree to bilateral defense pact

Interim president of Peru resigns after five days in office

15 Asia-Pacific countries sign new free trade agreement

Typhoon Vamco hits Philippines

Vatican releases report two-year investigation into former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong announce plans to resign

Armenia and Azerbaijan sign peace deal

EU files antitrust charges against Amazon

Luis Arce sworn in as president of Bolivia

Fighting continues between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Ethiopian PM launches military offensive in Tigray region, prompting calls for de-escalation

UN votes to hold coronavirus summit in December

Kosovo president resigns amid war crimes indictment

Turkey fines social media companies over controversial new law

Austrian authorities arrest 14 in connection to terror attack

Terror attacks in Afghanistan and Austria

Sean Connery passes away at the age of 90

Super Typhoon hits Philipines

7.0-magnitude earthquake hits Turkey and Greece

UK announces new restrictions amid surge in coronavirus cases