The New Paper

June 11, 2021

The New Paper Weekly Recap: US

  •  A federal judge overturned California’s ban on assault weapons (6/7)
  • The FDA granted accelerated approval for a new Alzheimer’s drug (6/8)
  • The DOJ seized $2.3M worth of Bitcoin that was allegedly used to pay the ransom in the Colonial Pipeline hack (6/8)
  • The Supreme Court ruled  that immigrants given TPS are not eligible for permanent residency if they entered the country unlawfully (6/8)
  • The Senate passed a $250B technology investment bill (6/9)
  • The Senate released a bipartisan report on the US Capitol attack (6/9)
  • The CDC eased coronavirus-related travel warnings for 110 countries (6/9)
  • Federal authorities are investigating the origins of a ProPublica report detailing several wealthy Americans’ tax information (6/9)
  • The White House announced plans to donate 500M vaccines (6/10)
  • 10 Senators unveiled a new infrastructure spending proposal (6/11)
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