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We eliminate clickbait and prioritize the day's top news based on impact to tech, business, politics, and world affairs.


We lead stories with straightforward, fact-first statements – not secondary conclusions or opinions.

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Why isn't it free?

Because ads broke the news.

News outlets that rely on advertising revenue are forced to use clickbait and sensationalism to capture your time and attention, which they then turn around and sell to advertisers.

The result? A broken news system (with perverse incentives) that doesn’t prioritize the reader.

We're trying something different.

We make it easy to access fact-first news, and in return our readers pay a small fee for the cost of our tools and labor.

This is how we're able to eliminate the perverse incentives of ad-supported media, prioritize the user experience, and actually deliver the concise, fact-first content that so many people crave.

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How it works.

Each day, our team of editors:

  1. Curates the day's most impactful news.
  2. Summarizes each story in factual terms (and links to more context).
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No sensationalism. No clickbait. No bias.


What readers are saying.

Best news briefing of the day.

— Steve S. (San Francisco)

Love getting my news this way.

— Jake M. (Dallas)

Thanks for this. So tired of opinionated news on all sides.

— Melissa L. (Washington DC)

Simple and factual news! I thought the day would never come.

— Adam L. (Chicago)

It’s the type of directed, no-frills digest that I’ve been looking for in my daily news coverage.

— Emily T. (Los Angeles)

This is the greatest thing since the first amendment.

— Blake G. (Seattle)


Meet the team.

John Necef, Co-Founder

Passionate about tech and overcoming sensational news media. Likes dogs.

Michael Aft, Co-Founder

Passionate about tech and overcoming sensational news media. Cat guy.

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