The New Paper

January 5, 2021

Google workers form Alphabet Workers Union

Over 200 Google workers formed the Alphabet Workers Union yesterday. While the group initially represents a small fraction of Google’s 120k+ employees and is not organized around a specific set of demands, it will aim to “build a structure to create worker power” within the tech giant. Specifically, the group is expected to focus on both employee-related protections and ethical use of Google products around the world. Google issued a statement on the union yesterday, noting that it supports protected employee labor rights, but that it will “continue engaging directly” with employees.

More context: The union was launched with the support of the Communications Workers of America, a union that represents over 700k workers across several industries including IT, telecom, media, and others.

Extra: Employees at crowdfunding platform Kickstarter voted to unionize last year, forming the first union of white-collar, full-time employees in the US tech industry.
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