The New Paper

November 3, 2020

Voters head to polls in 2020 election

Today is election day. Voters will cast their ballots in the presidential election, 35 Senate races, 435 House races, and a wide range of state and local elections. While polls close this evening, final results may not be immediately available as several states (including key battleground states such as Pennsylvania) will continue to count mail-in ballots in the coming days. Find your polling place here.

More context: The president will be formally elected by the electoral college vote on December 14. Each state is granted electoral votes based on its number of congression seats, and most states (with exception to Maine and Nebraska) use a winner-take-all system for their electoral votes. A candidate requires at least 270 electoral votes to win the election, and Congress will meet to tally the electoral votes on January 6. Here’s a full timeline from the National Archives.

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