The Daily Text

The daily news in as few words as possible, delivered each weekday morning by text.


Here's an example.

You're busy

...but want a (genuinely) quick way to keep up with what's going on in the world (without the BS).

We're your news junkie friend

...who's plugged into the news media machine and puts up with the noise, so we can pull out the signal.

We make a deal

We text you a dead simple summary of the day's top news – just straightforward factual statements and a link to the most helpful source, once a day.

Once a month you take us out for a coffee (or throw us 5 bucks) for the cost of our tools and labor.

That's it.



What is your mission?

Simply put, we believe the news is broken. Sensational content and click-bait headlines have overtaken the media, and we're on a mission to fix it by making straightforward, factual news easy to consume.

Who runs The Daily Text?

The Daily Text is run by our friendly founders, John and Michael. We're 100% employee owned, which also means that we're 100% editorially independent. We're working to shift a news narrative that currently begins with sensationalism to one that starts with a common set of facts, and we'll never compromise on that.

How are payments handled?

All subscriptions are managed securely by Memberful with Stripe as the payments processor. Stripe is a certified Level 1 PCI Service Provider (the most stringent level of certification available).

How can I get involved?

The biggest thing you can do is share The Daily Text. After you sign up you'll get a unique referral link, and we'd love it if you could share that with your friends, family, and coworkers. Since we don't use click-bait to drive "viral growth," we rely on word of mouth from our readers to grow.

How do I get in touch?

Email us at! We love hearing from our readers, and read every piece of feedback we get!

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