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It's hard to get a fact-first news update today.

Perverse incentives have driven news outlets into a cycle of creating polarizing and sensational content in order to drive eyeballs to endless ad-supported content.

You're left to deal with the mess.

In order to break this cycle...

We enter into a direct exchange of value with our readers. We make it easy for readers to access fact-first news, and in return our readers take us out for a latte (or pay $5) once a month for the cost of our tools and labor.

By focusing specifically on providing a simple, fact-first news update, we're able to bypass the issues with ad-driven media while offering The New Paper at a price lower than typical news subscriptions.

And, we keep pricing transparent.

Simply put, we don't do convoluted pricing structures or gimmicks that need a calculator to understand.

It's free to try and it's easy to cancel anytime.

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Each day, our team of editors:

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  2. Summarizes each story in factual terms (and links to more context).
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No sensationalism. No clickbait. No bias.

What readers are saying.

Best news briefing of the day.

— Steve S. (San Francisco)

Love getting my news this way.

— Jake M. (Dallas)

Thanks for this. So tired of opinionated news on all sides.

— Melissa H. (Washington DC)

Simple and factual news! I thought the day would never come.

— Adam L. (Chicago)

It’s the type of directed, no-frills digest that I’ve been looking for in my daily news coverage.

— Emily T. (Los Angeles)

This is the greatest thing since the first amendment.

— Blake G. (Seattle)

Meet the team.

John Necef, Co-Founder

Passionate about tech and overcoming sensational news media. Likes dogs.

Michael Aft, Co-Founder

Passionate about tech and overcoming sensational news media. Cat guy.

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