When its Friday... and you know it.
Fri Nov 15 2019
Hours of daylight around the world... visualized over a year.
Thu Nov 14 2019
That moment... when you become a believer.
Wed Nov 13 2019
Entering the weekend… even if it took a miracle to get there.
Fri Nov 08 2019
Lava flow... terrifying or satisfying?
Mon Nov 11 2019
When competitive ice climbing... sometimes you just need to go for it.
Wed Nov 06 2019
Grandparenting... level 100.
Tue Nov 05 2019
Teamwork… makes the dream work.
Mon Nov 04 2019
Science teacher wows students... and wins Halloween.
Thu Oct 31 2019
Need a little mid-week motivation? Try this.
Wed Oct 30 2019
Need a little mid-week motivation? Try this.
Tue Oct 29 2019
Setting the world record for the tightest reverse parallel park. Ok, now pull back out.
Tue Oct 29 2019
Great work... takes great teamwork.
Mon Oct 28 2019
When something seems insurmountable… just use your head.
Fri Oct 25 2019
When natural phenomena... don't feel natural at all.
Thu Oct 24 2019
Remember to stay hydrated. Like this little fella.
Wed Oct 23 2019
The women’s speed climbing world record was just broken… don’t blink.
Mon Oct 21 2019
Playing catch while skydiving... casual.
Sun Oct 20 2019
Skillfully pouring coffee... can be beautiful art.
Fri Oct 18 2019
The new workout… you otter try.
Thu Oct 17 2019